To help break the cycle of young people leaving school and resorting to petty crimes to get by and to offer hope to the youth, Israel returned to Shiromeda after traveling and living abroad to establish Megabi Skate. His organization provides youngsters with enjoyable activities, as well as, self-awareness, discipline, and mentorship. 

"Keep it clean"




Crow rapper & motivational speaker, Supaman, in San Carlos Secondary School where he interacted with students in grade-level groups.

The following day, he performed at our “Telling Our Own Stories” hip hop event on the reservation. Other activities included DJing and live graffiti. 

Dr. Neal Lester, then-chair of the English Department at Arizona State University, Dr. Camilla Westenberg, professor of English at Maricopa Community College (Phoenix, AZ), and Mississippi hip hop professionals: DJ Phingaprint & rap emcee Kamikaze., TRAVELED TO GHANA SPECIFICALLY TO PARTICIPATE in various hip hop and education events in 2008.  


Old skool


Naas Graffiti (above left) has been active with the Rhyme-N-Reason Foundation for years. He contributes writing to each issue and designed the cover for Telling Our Own Stories Volume 2. Naas volunteers his time at an Hawassa elementary assisting with art projects, English language instruction, and has conducted several teen graffiti workshops. He is pictured with Hamer student and Rhyme-N-Reason Scholarship recipient, Wengla Wancho after one of his more unusual projects... body graffiti! 

Education. Collaboration. Celebration.


Ugandan rap and graffiti artists focus their talents on giving back to their local communities.

Israel Dejene: Founder of megabi skate

Philosophy... the way of a true warrior
African Kings, man born under Africa's hot sun
It opens his eyes to breath
the breath of life's freedom
I am the spinal cord of the holy nation
a captain whose boat has left
for the long journey
to emancipate my peoples' thoughts
from brain cancer
The spear of the nation
in era of the new world order
ready to plunder the economy of the world
with the so called constitution
that protects and bites
at the same time
A time when tribalism and corruption
have spread like the weed of the sea

Rhyme-N-Reason Foundation

Special thanks to SPYDA



Naas graffiti - the wall doctor 


Special Thanks to Utala

IN 2013, the rhyme -n- reason foundation began an environmental program with the Negat Kokeb English Club that included art, lakeside visits, and trash cleanup. This program is an ongoing, successful, community effort.

English Club