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We invite you to participate with us in furthering our work.

Rhyme-N-Reason Foundation has developed rapidly as a catalyst for innovative change in international education. Through sponsorship, grants, and donations, we have been able to offer an array of opportunities for education and business development.

Your contribution will help support projects that change the lives of underserved youth. By giving them access to caring educators, mentors, advanced technology and a creative environment, you nurture the development of tomorrow’s leaders.

Rhyme-N-Reason is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation, so your

contribution is tax deductible.

On behalf of the students, artists, educators and other stakeholders in this important project, thank you for your support.

Rhyme-N-Reason Foundation assists talented youth through international collaboration, professional development, and cultural exchange focused toward the development of English Language literacy and art. Based on the philosophy of mutual support and respect, Rhyme-N-Reason recognizes the importance of education as central to the well-being of individuals, communities, and nations. The Foundation provides opportunities to create a prosperous and meaningful future for all by financially supporting school enrollment for underserved youth in Ethiopia; and enhanced learning opportunities for Native American, African American, Hispanic, and other young people from challenging backgrounds in the United States and abroad.

Rhyme-N-Reason Foundation will serve as a catalyst for change in the global community. By supporting opportunities for education, professional advancement, and the creative application of knowledge and insight, the Foundation will be recognized as a prime factor in the advancement of international cooperation and prosperity.

Rhyme-N-Reason Foundation

Carol O'Connor, PhD