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​​2007 - Rhyme-N-Reason Foundation was registered in Cape Coast Ghana as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

2008 - The “Ya Heard Me? Meanings in Hip Hop Culture” conference and concert was held at El Mina Beach Resort near Cape Coast. 

2009 - 2nd “Ya Heard Me? Meanings in Hip Hop Culture" was held at Jackson State University in Mississippi. Co-sponsored by then-president Dr. Ronald Mason, the event included a screening of “Mississippi on the Rise,” a hip hop film by Reel Walk Cinema. 

2010  - Rhyme-N-Reason Foundation was registered in Jackson, MS as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit. Dr. Carol O’Connor was installed as President

​          ​- Dr. O’Connor visited Accra, Kumasi and Cape Coast, Ghana to meet with RNR Ghana board members. She also traveled to Benin to meet with rap artists, and to appoint Guillaume De Souza as country representative.

          - “Telling Our Own Stories” was held at the Regency Hotel in Jackson. RNR held a reception for performers and invited guests

2011 - Hosted a visit in Jackson by Ghanaian rapper Ambassadar da Sada, and took him to several clubs to experience Mississippi hip hop, and to meet the artists. During his stay, he recorded a track with Jackson rapper Stunna Mane.

         - 2nd "Telling Our Own Stories" international Hip Hop Event was held at the North Midtown Arts Center in Jackson, MS. 

         - Dr. O’Connor moved to Hawassa, Ethiopia and started a hip hop study group with high school and college students

2012 - The first issue of Telling Our Own Stories, a booklet of student writing and art, was published in Hawassa & concert. The introduction to the booklet was written by American rapper C-Murder, and cover art was by Ethiopian graffiti artist Behulum Mengistu.

         - Graffiti art exhibition for Behulum Mengistu at Dolce Vita Restaurant and Gallery in Hawassa. 

2013 ​- RNR established its own English Club at Negat Kokeb Elementary School with students ranging in age from 7 to 14. The English Club is headed by RNR employee Tesfaye Wolde.

2014 - RNR coordinated with an NGO in Hawassa and their funders in Vermont to bring a teacher exchange program to two schools in Hawassa. ​

         - RNR hosted its first international hip hop wellness event in Arizona. “Telling Our Own Stories” was held on the San Carlos Apache reservation, and featured a panel discussion, Hip Hop Saved My Life.

2015  ​- RNR hosted an opening reception for the “Off the Wall” graffiti/street art exhibition at Cobre Valley Center for the Arts in Globe. 

          - The third print issue of Telling Our Own Stories was printed in July. The booklet has been distributed throughout the Globe-Miami-San Carlos areas in Arizona; at the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota; Crow Agency and Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Montana, and in Jackson MS; copies will be distributed in Ethiopia and Uganda, and to present and potential donors in these and other locations.

        ...Plans for the remainder of 2015 include the release of the newest enstallment of Telling Our Own Stories, trips to Ethiopia in December for Dr. O’Connor to follow up with RNR projects there, and to Uganda where she will give a presentation at a hip hop conference in Kampala. 

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